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Receta de Salsa Pesto

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  • Salsa Pesto

Otra delicia culinaria italiana. La salsa de pesto conjuga con casi todo. Sobre todo sobre masas de queso y tomate o como aderezo de pastas.

Ingredientes de Salsa Pesto

  • 90 g de queso de oveja muy curado
  • 2 dientes de ajo
  • 20 hojas de albahaca
  • 12 piñones
  • 1 ramito de perejil
  • Aceite de oliva virgen
  • Sal
comensales 1 personas


1 personas

tiempo de preparación - 20 minutos

tiempo de preparación

20 minutos

dificultad - facil



Como cocinar Salsa Pesto

  • 1

    En un mortero machacamos los dientes de ajos, pelados previamente, una ramita de perejil, los piñones y unas hojas de albahaca, hasta que alcancemos una masa uniforme.

  • 2

    Añadimos el queso rallado, un chorro de aceite de oliva y un chorrito de agua hirviendo, y continuamos a machacar para obtener una masa compacta y consistente .

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4 comentarios en la receta de Salsa Pesto


Janisa - 06 de Marzo de 2014

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Joaquin - 06 de Febrero de 2014

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IMoshie - 11 de Agosto de 2013

I am from NY and never really got in to the whole Tex Mex thing beacsue the food just didn't tie together for me. I tried your salsa and loved it. I actually sneak it into places like Mico Cina and Mattitos. They caught me pouring it on some enchiladas. The manager tried to state i couldn't use it but then the next table asked if they could use it. they loved it too. We had the staff and chef try it. they loved it too! I know these restaurants make their own cheap stuff but if anyone wants to really spice up their food, sneak in some salsa. They manager decided it wasnt a problem beacsue it was so much better than theirs. If they won't let you use Mateos' tell the manager to forget about it


Adriano - 09 de Agosto de 2013

My wife brought home a jar of Mateo's Salsa yedrtesay from our local big warehouse retailer and I figured here we go again with another sauce that will take up space in our fridge while it sits and spoils due to nobody liking it after one try. It just had to be another impulse buy and those get costly after awhile. Being the salsa guy that I am, I figured that I would give it try the following day (today).All I can say is, you can take my truck, you can take my dog, you can take my house, but you better not touch my Mateo's Salsa!! the Medium has just enough heat, but not too much so that I have to put it down.Great stuff!!!!!!!!!I have to watch the sodium in there (wish there was a low sodium variety that actually tasted good), so I can't eat the whole jar at one sitting, but that's ok .I can have more the next day. LOVE it!!!! One last thing. Please, don't do what others do after a stint with success DON'T change the recipe and mess with it.

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