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Receta de Estofado de Habas con Camisa

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  • Estofado de Habas con Camisa

Ingredientes de Estofado de Habas con Camisa

  • 1 kilo de habas tiernas
  • 2 tomates maduros hermosos
  • 1 diente de ajo
  • 1 cebolla grande
  • 1 chorrito de un buen vinagre de jerez
  • Sal
  • Una cucharada de harina
  • 4 cucharadas de aceite de oliva virgen extra
  • Agua
comensales 4 personas


4 personas

tiempo de preparación - 30 minutos

tiempo de preparación

30 minutos

dificultad - facil



Como cocinar Estofado de Habas con Camisa

  • 1

    Cortar las puntas a las habas y cortar las vainas en tres trozos, como lo hacemos con las judias verdes. Lavar y reservar. Poner el aceite en una cacerola, y cuando esté caliente, poner a pochar lentamente el ajo y la cebolla, que habremos cortado en trocitos.

  • 2

    Pelar los tomates y cortarlos en dados muy pequeños. Añadirlos a la cacerola, echar un poco de sal y remover con una cuchara de madera para que se sofría todo bien. Echar las habas con su camisa, la sal, y darle unas vueltas durante un par de minutos.

  • 3

    Añadir la cucharada de harina, remover, y poner un chorrito de vinagre, con cuidado de no pasarse.

  • 4

    Poner el agua sin que llegue a cubrir el guiso, porque las habas se desinflan en cuanto se ponen a cocer, y a mí no me gustan los guisos en los que los ingredientes flotan. Yo puse unos tres vasos de agua.

  • 5

    Dejar cocer unos 25 minutos en la cacerola —si es en olla, como son tan tiernas, con 5 minutos es suficiente—. Si las habas no son de primera flor, hay que tenerlas más tiempo. Probar, y rectificar de sal si hace falta.

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Iulia - 11 de Agosto de 2013

I found this blog looking for emapnadas argentinas and in my search it promt me to your Blog, LOVE IT!!, and got stuck looking at all your recipes. I'm from Venezuela and I have a passion for food, especially the ones that can take me back to my lovely country .and childhood.Love that you include the pictures (I like to see how a recipe would look like and the process of it).Fortunately for me I'm able to find a lot of our stuff from South America here in Kansas, so I plan to make some (if not All) of your recipes.I'm glad I found this blog!


Tarun - 09 de Agosto de 2013

Hi Louise Mote is made from dried corn, the corn is peeled by soiakng and cooking it with Calcium oxide, also known as cal in Spanish or quicklime in English it is very long process, my mom used to do it on a wood burning stove and would leave the pot on overnight , after the corn is “peeled “ it is boiled until soft and ready to eat. I have not yet attempted to “peel” the dried corn, I either buy the “mote” canned or I buy it already peeled – it is called Maiz Mote Pelado and comes in 1lb bags – usually next to all the dry beans/peas you soak it overnight and boil it (just like you would with dry beans). I’ll post a basic recipe for cooking mote soon. I currently have a couple of recipes with mote:


Gal - 09 de Agosto de 2013

I came across your site a while back duinrg a simple web search for Ecuadorian recipes. And it remains my main go-to site for resources. I was born in California, while my mother is from Quito, Ecuador. Ecuadorian food was a common staple in my childhood years and I never learned how to cook it. Today I am married and living on the other side of the country and oftentimes finding myself so nostalgic. I occasionally call my mother for cooking tips, but decided to start looking for recipes online for easier access. I was overjoyed to discover old dishes that I haven't seen in years and finally have a name for them! I haven't started cooking anything yet due to the morning sickness brought on by my pregnancy. But I am madly craving Ecuadorian rice as my mother made it. I can't wait to get started on it soon!Thank you for sharing such a wonderful site. Keep it up!

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